Appointments & Scheduling

OH strives to provide every patient with the best possible care and attention. For this reason, we do not overbook our appointments. Our appointment scheduling and office policies are designed so that we can provide you with individualized attention and the highest quality care.


We strongly recommend that you check-in at least five (5) minutes prior to your appointment time, in order for us to maximize your treatment/therapy time.


New patients:

Please complete the new patient paperwork prior to arrival or arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to allow time to complete it in person. This allows us to start your appointment at your scheduled time.


To ensure that appointments continue in a timely manner for all clients, we may not be able to accommodate you if you are more than 15 minutes late. If you are unable to keep an appointment for any reason, we require that you call immediately to reschedule your visit. It is your obligation to make up a missed appointment within 7 days of any cancellation. OH reserves the right to charge for missed appointments and those cancelled without 24 hours notice.


After the completion of your first appointment, OH will work with you to schedule a set number of follow-up appointments according to your program of care. Often, many patients find it convenient to schedule three to five appointments at a time. The frequency of appointments is important for optimized health.


Office Etiquette

A quiet, non-allergenic environment is best for healing. Please turn off cell phones or put them on silent when arriving in the office. Also, please avoid wearing heavy scents or perfumes into the office.